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History of Excellence | 25 Years of History

6000 Square Mt | 3000K Capital Stock

Why Choose Us

Why think differently and choose TECNA

High engineering standards

High engineering standards and capability of continuous improvements


TECNA has in stock availability over 500 BREAKERS ready for shipment

Economic but not the cheapest

Patent design allows to have only 2 moving parts against 20 parts of the competition

High reliability standards

Less moving parts means more reliability and warranty up to 4 years


Our profitability depends on the best relationship between prices and costs

Logistics and service in real time

Support even using videoconference to solve the most uncommon problems

Patented or not?

TECNA's Patents: the Market Scenario.

Winning Design

Design semplicity and qualified Manufacturing

Spare Parts Availability

Not found? ASK us for not available Spare Parts !

Never more Primitive!

The TECNA advantages for Rental Companies

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